In her young people, Meg try romantic and you may available to offering like

In her young people, Meg try romantic and you may available to offering like


She significantly loved the relationship she shared with her boyfriend, just who 1 day shed their life. To save your, she marketed the woman soul and you may provided servitude so you can Hades, Goodness of the Underworld. The woman date is actually renewed, because the agreed, however, the guy heartlessly leftover Meg for the next girl shortly after that. Ever since then, she’s got trouble believing anybody else and you may picking out the courage to enjoy again. That have feel jaded and you will pessimistic down to their previous, Meg upheld the girl end of your own price by helping Hades from inside the their journey to take over the cosmos. Predicated on a brief exchange, although not, Hades kept some extent of empathy for Meg’s plight and are offered to deducting many years regarding their phrase based on the woman performances worldwide.


Megara is a characteristics that originates from Greek mythology, the latest spouse regarding Heracles. The fresh new Disney iteration loosely grabbed from this by casting Megara due to the fact Hercules’ love attract, new Lois Lane so you’re able to Hercules’ Superman. This lady identification was greatly driven from the actress Barbara Stanwyck, particularly their positions from inside the 1940s comedies including the Females Eve and you will Baseball away from Flame. [1]

Ken Duncan was Meg’s managing animator; the fresh animator which had been initial because of the assignment had leftover the latest studio to focus to own DreamWorks early in manufacturing with the Hercules. Gerald Scarfe and you will Duncan turned to Greek ceramic to figure out the design regarding Meg’s looks. Animators as well as looked to Susan Egan’s gestures through the recording coaching to include nuance to help you Meg’s animation. [2]


Susan Egan began auditioning having spots within the Disney moving features just like the very early due to the fact Beauty in addition to Monster, put-out for the 1991. She are ironically throw just like the Belle about cinema type away from Charm and also the Beast, a role you to definitely almost stained the woman chances of portraying Meg; because the several characters was indeed very greatly distinctive from one another. not, new casting party couldn’t pick individuals suitable for brand new role regarding Meg and you may anticipate Egan to help you audition even after any earlier in the day hesitation. Though sound stars normally number the conversation independently, Egan actually shared several of their recording sessions which have Tate Really does Woods, just who spoken Hercules and Hades, respectively. [1]


Meg is a totally free-competing, separate, and you will small-witted girl who’s also damage and you may bad because of having the woman heart-broken because of the the lady sweetheart before.

She’s also pessimistic, snarky, and you may community-exhausted, making the woman atypical certainly Disney’s direct females. She takes on an adequate amount of a heroic part regarding the film so you’re able to become classed since the a woman, rather than just an enchanting attract.

Meg possess a highly lowest advice of males in general because the most of their knowledge with them was indeed negative. When you are Hercules drops on her behalf at first glance, far from dropping to have your on the spot, she seduces your along with her good looks, then she dismisses him because wear an ‘innocent ranch boy routine’ and it is maybe not until they purchase genuine big date along with her you to definitely she begins to produce attitude for your.

Meg are scared of heights, however, overcomes the girl worry at the conclusion of the movie during the purchase to save Hercules.

Within their basic appointment on episode Hercules plus the Aetolian Amphora, Meg wants to forget about the lady ex boyfriend-sweetheart (later shown to be Prince Adonis) and you may shows little or no to zero remorse however, manipulate the young Hercules into permitting her inexpensive a container off Lethe liquids.

This lady clothes is virtually similar in this episode, except that the woman skirt is much quicker. At the end of the brand new event, the woman recollections is cleaned, describing how she and Hercules came across ‘for the initial time’ in the the film.

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